Frequently Asked Questions is an advertisement platform that allows advertisers, pubblishers and users earn through the Revenue Shares System.

it's very simple, you must register an account and then you must buy an ADPACK, every ad pack retur to you a daily percenteage, you can also earning by referring to other users and earning by their deposits. Every pack must be bought by fresh funds in order to take easy your career and grow it fast you can withdraw your earnings and use to buy new adpacks and increase your daily revenue.You can earn much more by upgrading your account for example with a maximum membership you can earn about a 2500€ daily beetwen adpacks and Direct referrals.


Like as written in FAQ number 2 you can earn a coup of money for clicking ads and rent or made referrals (you can earn about 300/400 $/monthly) and also advertising your business or products

No, you can't, one account for household IP is allowed, if do you not respect this rule your account will be banned and all your funds and earnings will be lost


Memberships and Upgrading Accounts must be payied with fresh funds.

The violation of this rule/suggest would be the only cause if your withdrawals request will be not completed.


membership Details of

You can advertise every thing but violence and sexual explicit or racism ads will be not tolerate and this also might be the banning of your account and your IP will be also blocked forever has adopted some precautional rules to make platform more sustainable and efficent for a long-term site and for a win-to-tin system

For example the ROI RULES, and the days between withdraws and the limits of rentend referrals and directs referrals, much more pubblishers that sponsoring our site and this meaning more earnings to sharing with our users and a very very sustainable parameter for the longlife of this amazing platform

For surfing Ads you must go in EarnMoney section resolve catpcha and so click your ads allowed for your membership level.

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